Monday, November 2, 2015

Harrah's Hotel & Casino Fall 2014

When some people think of Vegas, they think of over the top opulence.  Elegance unlike you've ever experienced. Fine dining, lavish suites, lush pool areas and larger than life themes are just some of the amazing options you can expect to enjoy during your Vegas vacation. You can expect none of these when you visit Harrah's. 

That isn't meant to insinuate that Harrah's isn't a nice property because it is. Adequate might be a word that best describes it. It has clean rooms, decent food options, entertaining shows and a pool. The table limits are low, gaming options are many and it has a nice location on the strip. There are far worse places to stay in Vegas. 

Unless you are looking for lavish amenities, odds are you won't be disappointed. What Harrah's lacks more than anything is an experience.  Sure they do make something of an effort to have a Mardi gras theme but there isn't much holding that vibe together.  What Harrah's offers is reasonably priced amenities. It’s the kind of place you store your stuff in while doing all the other things you came to Vegas to do. 

Vegas Mate Rating – 3/5 chips

Mark, Keren & Alastair – 3/5 chips

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