Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baccarat Bar @Bellagio Spring 2012

Baccarat Bar at Bellagio is the place for exotic specialty drinks and blended fruit and wine cocktails. Sit back and peruse the extensive cigar list while listening to the sounds of a baby grand piano while.

A laid-back, classic luxury Vegas atmosphere pervades, and loungers can overlook the high-stakes tables in the Casino. Nothing takes the edge off of paying eighteen dollars for a drink, like watching some unfortunate tourist lose five thousand dollars on one roulette spin.

Location: In the middle of the gaming floor, opposite the players club desk

Operating Hours:                                         
  • Daily 24 hours
  • Live jazz from 4pm to 1am                                   

Music/Theme – A high end piano jazz bar

Rotating performers including:
  • David Osborne
  • Peter Radd
  • Ray Glover
  • Shelly Taylor

Mark & Keren Rate - 4/5