Sunday, January 8, 2017

Broadway Burger @NYNY Spring 2016

It’s a burger, right?  Sure, some are better than others but how do you justifying charging $10-20 for it.  Well, once you taste it, you’ll understand why.  Apparently there really is such a thing as a gourmet burger and Broadway Burger is a good example of one.

You wouldn’t expect much from a restaurant with a name that fits the theme of the hotel/casino it resides in but you would be wrong to overlook this experience.  Broadway Burger showcases the concept that the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts because, while each element is well taken care of, the combination is something special.

While the concept isn’t new the simplicity of their build a burger is something to be enjoyed, appearing to be inspired by the Chipotle concept, if only in menu layout.  Pick your protein, cheese, veggies, meats and even fry styles.  I know your listening to this and thinking, lots of people do this, it isn’t anything new.  Let me assure you, Broadway Burger doesn’t do burgers like everyone else does.
Rating (scale of 1-5)

Mark – 5/5
Keren – 4/5
Alistair – 4/5