Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hash House A Go Go @Plaza Spring 2016

In a city known for excess, the idea of a restaurant who’s entire concept is gigantic portions of food seems like a no brainer.  Hash House A Go Go has made that their thing and they’ve been so successful at it that they’ve got a location on the strip at LINQOff Strip at Rio, Downtown at Plazaa Reno spot and 2 for the Vegas locals.  However you might be surprised to know, Hash House didn’t start in Vegas, it stated in San Diego California.  Now they have locations in Illinois, Connecticut, Florida and Texas as well as the aforementioned. 

Twisted Farm Food is how they describe their food.  Bacon, BaconBacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich, waffles with either bacon or sausage inside and a one pound burger are just a few examples of the delicious excess that can be ordered at Hash House A Go Go.  But do huge portions of familiar favorites equal a quality food experience? Let's discuss.


Mark and Keren - 3/5
Alistair - 3.5/5

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hugo's Cellar @Four Queens Spring 2016

The Four Queens isn't exactly where you would think of when you think of an evening of fine dining on Fremont St. Never heard of Hugo's Cellar? Don’t be surprised. It’s literally in the basement of the property.  It’s probably the best place to eat at 4 Queens but the fact that I had to use the word says something but that isn’t saying much in a place with only 3 places to eat and one is a coffee shop.

It’s described as one of those places that capture the “old school ambiance” of high end dining in Vegas.  Each woman receives a rose, the sommelier visits each table to help find the perfect wine to pair with your meal and even the salad is prepared table side, a la cart.  Charm, wit and customer service served in small portions are all apart of the dining experience at Hugo’s Cellar.  In a word, romantic.


Mark & Keren - 3/5 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Du-Par's @Golden Gate Spring 2016

It’s basically a coffee shop & old-timey diner.  How good could it be?  Well, it’s been at the Golden Gate on Fremont St since 1959 and was kind of the first California based concept restaurant to come to Vegas.  It brought the famous shrimp cocktail to downtown and blew people’s minds with how good it was, the price and the presentation.  But more than anything, Du-Par’s is known for it’s pancakes, often referred to as the “Best Pancakes in America”.  With such a dubious claim in a city known for having the best of the best when it comes to food…challenge accepted.


Mark & Keren – 4/5
Alastair – 4.5/5

Correction per listener Chris Hall (Thanks)

Du-Par's has only been at Golden Gate since spring of 2010.  Prior to that, it was called Bay City Diner.  The shrimp cocktail used to come from a deli counter in the casino.  Right at the end of the bar there was a live piano player (mostly played Sinatra/Gershwin/etc..) and right past the piano was the deli.  Once the Stevens brothers bought in and started making changes, they brought in Du-Par's, got rid of the deli, and moved the shrimp cocktail over there.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The LINQ Promenade Summer 2014

Las Vegas’ continuing success is its ability to reinvent itself when the market needs it to.  Unlike urban developments in established cities, Vegas doesn’t venerate the old, the past or history in general.  Nothing is so sacred that it can’t be imploded to make way for the next thing. While it can be sad to lose that history, it is unarguable that for Vegas, it works. 

As much as I’ve fallen in love with the cities history, it was it’s current incarnation that drew me to it for the first time.  Properties like Luxor, Excalibur, NYNY and Paris are what caught my attention and cultivated the desire to experience Las Vegas.  In a very short period of time, I’ve learned about her history and enjoyed her evolution.

That brings us to now and Vegas’ current incarnation, retail.  It started with shopping malls and have transformed into outdoor dining and shopping experiences.  The Linq promenade was a brand new experience to the market and has already been mimicked by Bally’s Grand Bazaar and MGM’s The Park.  Vegas properties are finally understanding that the guests of today aren’t trying to get out of the desert heat; they want to spend lots of time in it. 

Rating - (Scale of 1-5)

Mark - 4/5
Keren & Alistair - 3/5