Sunday, August 30, 2015

Strip Steak @Mandalay Bay Fall 2014

It’s steak, the pinnacle of protein.  Ask anyone what they would want for their final meal before shifting off this mortal coil and 100% of the time they’ll answer steak, and if they don’t, they’re gay.  What, gay people are awesome and love them so tube steak so that does work.  They’re Hitler.  Right, no one likes Hitler.  Whatever, its steak and its goooood.

This time around, Michael Mina steps up to the plate to see if he can impress our pallet and dethrone STK, which I totally agree is the best steak in Vegas. But who is this Michael Mina guy.  Well, he’s a James Beard winner, whatever that means, as well as being declared chef and restaurateur of year multiple times from multiple people, what-evs.  He’s got 18 restaurants in the US and 4 in Vegas.  We tried Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay

Vegas Mate Rating - 4/5 chips

Mark's Rating - 3/5 chips
Alastair & Keren's Rating - 4/5 chips

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Center Cut Steakhouse @Flamingo Spring 2014

It's almost unfair. Because Vegas has so many dining options that are stellar, good just isn't good enough. In fact good can often be considered bad. That very well might be the case with Center Cut at Flamingo.

Unarguably the nicest space in the property, Center Cut's decor congers up memories of Tender @ Luxor. The vibe and the fact that they both serve steak is unfortunately where the comparison ends. Despite enjoying virtually everything else the property has to offer, Flamingo has given us a rather remarkable streak of disappointing dining experiences.  Center cut would did not buck that trend. 

Vegas Mate Rating3/5 chips

Alastair & Keren – 3/5 chips

Mark - 2/5 chips