Saturday, October 12, 2013

Senor Frogs @Treasure Island Summer 2012

Senor Frog's has long been famous as one of the premier party spots in Mexico and the Caribbean and has finally opened its Las Vegas location.  A 22,000 sq ft, two story bar and restaurant is located right on the strip.

This high energy hot spot is all about having a good time and the staff are there to ensure you do. If you don’t like being the center of attention, ensure you sit at the back or you may find yourself pulled on the dance floor by the wait staff or competing in a drinking contest.

The ground floor features the main dining room and plenty of bar seating. There's also a stage for live bands and karaoke. But what makes Senor Frogs, is the outdoor terrace and second level patio where you have a perfect view of the Sirens of TI show and the Las Vegas strip. 

Location – At the front of TI, facing the strip
  • Capacity - 600
  • Operating Hours
    • Restaurant
      • Daily 11am - 10pm
    • Bar
      • 11am - 4am
Music/Theme - TGI Friday's meets semi-Carribian, quasi-Mexican

Drinks – Features a huge range of rum and tequila drinks and an extensive shot list

Food/Nosh - You are gonna pay for the location

Reservations - If you feel you need reservations to this place you have some life choices you need to seriously re-evaluate.

Vegas Mate, Mark & Keren Rating - 1/5