Monday, November 9, 2015

Heritage Steak @Mirage Spring 2014

Vegas has evolved many times in its history.  Sawdust joints were replaced with luxurious accommodations, the western theme was surpassed by a more worldly version and the 99 cent buffet met its demise with the introduction of fine dining. In fact, it can be said that fine dining was the first non-gaming evolution the city experienced.  If history has taught us anything it’s that evolution is good. 

Everything in Vegas is meant to be an experience. Preferably one you can't get anywhere else. Dining is no different. While some succeed more than others, some change the way you define what that word even means. Heritage steak is the latter. 

Located next to the atrium in the Mirage, Tom Collicio's Heritage steak is an example unto itself. Food prepared over wood fueled flame is a unique enough concept but like any experience that transcends others, its about more than the meal. Heritage has an environment that is completely open yet feels like you're in a warm mountain cottage with one hell of a wine cellar and phenomenal staff that enjoy taking care of you. In a city that has taken the dining experience to another level, Heritage can be counted as one of the best. 

Vegas Mate Rating5/5 chips

Mark & Keren rate – 5/5 chips

Alastair rates - 4/5 chips

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