Monday, October 26, 2015

Andiamo Steakhouse @the D Fall 2014

When you think of downtown Vegas, value is the first thing that comes to mind. Even the Golden Nugget's dining options are largely chains. High end in most cases but chains all the same. However as one would expect to find in any major cities downtown area, diamonds are among the rough. 

Take Andiamo’s at the D. You wouldn't expect anything stellar from the Italian Steakhouse located on the second floor of the property next to all the coin operated vintage slots.  Reflection on the experience gives a new appreciation to the words of wisdom your grandparents gave you that newer isn't always better. 

Please don't misunderstand. Andiamo’s is not old. It exemplifies the word classic. It shows that some people are so far ahead of the curve, it takes a lot of time for everyone to catch up. The food, the staff and the atmosphere make it yet another experience to be had in Las Vegas. 

Vegas Mate Rating3/5 chips

Alastair - 4/5 chips

Mark & Keren – 5/5 chips

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