Monday, October 19, 2015

The D Hotel & Casino Fall 2014

Originally introduced to the market as the SunDance hotel & casino by Moe Dalitz, the D renovated the properties 2nd incarnation as the Fitzgerald from the bottom of the options barrel into something Fremont St desperately need, a cool option. You can feel the difference the moment you walk in the door. The energy is palpable, young and extremely alluring.  

When plans were announced and the name unveiled, shows like this venomously hated it. When we were told the name didn't have one meaning but 3; Downtown, its location in las Vegas, D, the nickname of new owner Derek Stevens as well as for Detroit, his hometown, it didn't help. The name and theme were called everything from unimaginative & dumb to the worst property name in Las Vegas history. We said that.  We were so wrong.  

What Derek Stevens and company did to the Fitzgerald is nothing short of remarkable. It's hard to believe its even the same property. How someone was able to take that unique casino layout, erase all the bad memories it recalled upon first site and replace it with the vibe it has on the bones of the past is beyond impressive.  But its not just the casino. The D has really nice renovated rooms that carry through the cool vibe the property exudes. It has some quality, all be it limited, dining options, low limits and even vintage gaming options on the 2nd floor casino including the only surviving sigma derby machine on Fremont.  Simply put, The D is the best property in downtown Las Vegas today. 

Vegas Mate Rating – 3/5
Mark & Keren – 5/5
Alastair - 4/5

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