Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tilted Kilt @the Linq Promenade Spring 2014

It should be the most embarrassing example of how simple-minded the male sex is.  Beer, simple food and scantily clad women serving you is a sure fire way to be a successful bar/restaurant.  It’s like one stop shop for the male id.

Luckily the concept has evolved over the years and improved in just about every way from the Hooters model.  Uniforms have moved on from orange spandex to plaid school girl skirts and tiny mountain gear.  But ever better than that, the food has improved and a concept as simple as offering lots of variety in the beer offerings have found their way into the tits and ass and food and booze game.

Tilted kilt is one of the later.  TheIr latest incarnation in Vegas can be found in the Linq Promenade and while they don’t offer outdoor seating, the space takes advantage of the atmosphere in Linq with open air seating and a bar located right by those windows. A more intimate experience can be had on the second floor for those who desire it.

Rating (1-5)
Keren - 3/5
Mark - 3.5/5

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