Monday, June 22, 2015

Flamingo Hotel & Casino Spring 2014

The Flamingo. The property that changed everything. The 3rd hotel/casino built on highway 91 introduced luxury to it.  It created one of the cities most famous, all be it the most inaccurate, story of a mobsters involvement in a casino and made Bugsy Segal the cities unofficial father of the strip.  

The Flamingo has grown and expanded to the point that its original exterior design is unrecognizable in its current incarnation. It's said that virtually nothing remains from the original construction however stories of found hidden underground tunnels and bullet proof rooms live on in order to keep the legend of Bugsy alive.  While it is true that the Flamingo has fallen all the way to the low end of the market, it has outlived many properties that came after it including icons like the Sands, the Dunes & the Desert Inn. 

Standing as proof that location, along with a well run property that adapts to its environment and evolves to cater to it, is truly how you survive in the implosion era. 

When you consider the table limits, the low room rates and having one of the best pools in Vegas, the Flamingo is the best option in the market for the thrifty visitor. 

Vegas Mate Rating – 3/5 chips

Mark, Keren & Alastair – 3/5 chips

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