Sunday, December 14, 2014

CUT by Wolfgang Puck @Palazzo Spring 2013

Regardless of where you are enjoying it, steak is largely considered to be fine dining.  Or at least right up they’re with lobster as a clear indication that you are getting laid if your date orders it.  Like all dining, the quality of the produce differs from location to location.  So what’s it like in Vegas?

In a world like Las Vegas, where everything is a heightened experience, the steakhouse is the pinnacle of fine dining in a property.  Not saying that its always the best thing that a property offers or it’s the nicest place to eat in Vegas but simply that it’s a benchmark of fine dining that all properties seem to measure themselves by.  Hell, the consensus would say that the only good thing at Circus Circus is their steakhouse.

In a property like Palazzo, they’ve got a high-end reputation to live up.  In the murky waters of celebrity chefs, quality runs the gambit and sometimes celebrity exceeds talent, especially the more recognizable the name.  This is not the case in Wolfgang Puck’s case, at least not at CUT.  Prepare yourself for a dining experience that sets the bar very high, not just in the food but also in environment and service.   This is dining, VIP style and makes it clear that some people are chefs first and celebrities second.

Vegas Mate Rating - 4/5 chips
Mark, Keren & Matt Rating - 5/5 chips

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