Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vesper Bar @Cosmopolitan Summer 2012

Vesper Bar is a funky, eclectic bar located just past the check in desk lobby and immediately lets you know the type of experience you can expect to find at Cosmopolitan.  This place exudes cool and has frequently drawn comparisons to something you would find in a James Bond movie, which is exactly what they are going for.
The bar is covered in broken, reflective glass and has old school, Jetsonesque seating.  Mirrored, tile columns surround the lounge area as the retro-futuristic seating continues the theme as well as creates many public seating areas that still somehow feel intimate.  Even the light fixtures compliment the space and illusion.
But Vesper is more than pretty, it features a wooden liquor cabinet and a rotating menu of signature cocktails that can be best described as modern takes on old school classics.  For those of you intimidated, don’t be.  Those enjoying the lounge will have a hostess sit down and talk to you about the libation options as well as make suggestions based on your tastes.  The experience can make anyone feel like a high roller.  Everything about this place draws you to it and millions agree.  In a 2013 USA Today poll, Vesper Bar was listed one of the 10 best hotel bars in America

Vegas Mate Rating - 4/5 chips

Mark and Keren Rate - 4/5 chips

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